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BVS ECOtouch Screens

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BVS ECOtouch ETA651 Premium1  


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 Built in Android

 10 Point Touch

 Integrated WiFi


  Wireless Mirroring

  Freeze Function



 Toughened Glass

 Full 1080p Wide Screen

 Built in Speakers


 Front & Rear Ports

 7 year Warranty

 Software Included


Why BVS ECOtouch

Our ethos is all BVS products must remain affordable at all times and the BVS ECOtouch Interactive Touch Screens are no exception. They continue to remain the best value interactive touch screens on the market providing true quality and reliability for your classrooms and meeting rooms. Our testimonials are proof. In addition to the industry leading 7 Year Warranty, all BVS ECOtouch systems are supplied as standard with either the powerful Qwizdom OKTOPUS, which allows presentation, annotation, collaboration and voting in an all encompassing software suite, SMART Learning Suite including Smart Notebook software or RM Easiteach.


Why Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive Touch Screens represent an all in one solution for teaching and presentation. Designed using the latest technologies, they offer greater efficiency and are more environmentally friendly. The need for a projector is eliminated resulting in an absence of any glare or shadows, a drawback often experienced with interactive whiteboard and projector setups. For these reasons and more,  schools, colleges and other establishments are increasingly switching from Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors to Interactive Touch Screens.


  • Bright & suitable in all lighting conditions
  • No shadows
  • Long 50,000 Hour LED lamp life
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced carbon footprint
  • Minimal running costs

  • No ongoing lamp replacement costs

  • No calibration required

  • Flexibility to mount at any height

  • Cheaper than a Whiteboard & Projector solution